Take Control of your Aircraft's Maintenance & FAA Compliance with FlightBoss

Track VFR and IFR airworthiness compliance, including ELT, Annuals, Transponder, Pitot System, Registration, VOR, Insurance, GPS database currency, and much more for your aircraft with just a few clicks using FlightBoss Mobile App.

The Most Powerful Mobile App for Aircraft Owners

Capture the power of a digital flight log to enable automated alerts based on Date or Hobbs/Tach time. Get unlimited custom inspections specific to your single or multi-engine airplane and track insurance and registration renewals with a few clicks.

Easily communicate airworthiness compliance for VFR and IFR flight to multiple owners. Create squawks for unscheduled maintenance and send them to your A&P mechanic. Upload documents and access them anywhere all within FlightBoss.

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Improve Compliance, Safety and Communication with FlightBoss

FlightBoss is the solution for General Aviation Aircraft owners who need to remain in compliance with Part 91 FAA Airworthiness standards.

Simplify single or multiple owner record keeping with a centralized digital logbook that keeps track of all your airplane maintenance needs. Trigger alerts via text or email based on Due Date, Tach time, or Hobbs time.

Store documents, submit unscheduled squawks to your A&P mechanic, and create a digital flight log with just a few clicks.


  • Accommodates Multi-Owner Aircraft

  • iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Android Compatible

  • Automated Email and Text Alerts to Keep You Informed

  • Unlimited Custom Inspections for Your Individual Needs

  • Supports Multi-Engine & Complex Airplanes

  • Digital Logbook to Track Hobbs and Tach Time

  • Upload and Store critical Documents in One Place

  • Access From Anywhere You Have Cell Service or WiFi

Download a 14-Day FREE Trial Today!



per month

Autopay, cancel at any time



per year

Save 28% ~ $50 off the monthly rate


What mobile devices work with FlightBoss?

FlightBoss is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play.

Can I log in to FlightBoss through a web browser?

No, FlightBoss is a mobile app available for Android and iOS users.

Can I share FlightBoss with other Pilots?

Yes, tell the other pilot to download FlightBoss and then you can share your plane with them through a link in the Settings.

Does FlightBoss work on Multi-Engine Aircraft?

Yes, you will be able to set up two engines in the Aircraft Settings and you will be able to set up engine specific Inspections.

How much Document storage comes with the subscription?

FlightBoss allows you to upload 20MB files in .jpg, .png, and .pdf formats up to 20GB of total storage. 

What file types does FlightBoss accept?

FlightBoss allows you to upload 20MB files in .jpg, .png, and .pdf formats up to 20GB of total storage. 

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